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Learn How To Make Money Buying And Selling Gold.
Most of you know me for my books about selling on eBay and Amazon, but I have done a lot of other
things in my life too. One of them is buying and selling scrap gold.When I first got into this business
Gold was selling for around $300 an ounce. Today gold is selling for over $1,400 an ounce and experts
forecast it to go higher – much higher!.......
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My name is Doug Eberhardt and I was a financial advisor for 20 years. I know first hand how gold dealers
rip off their clients as I worked for one of these gold dealers in doing my research for writing the book "Buy
Gold and Silver Safely." Congress and the NY Times were interested in what I had to say about how these
gold dealers rip off their clients and this book is a must read for anyone thinking about investing in gold
and silver......
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C- Charolette, North Carolina (gold coins only 1838-1861)
CC- Carson City, Nevada (1870-1893)
D- Dahlonega, Georgia (Gold coins only 1838-1861)
D Denver, Colorado (1906-To date)
O- New Orleans, Louisiana (1838-1861  1879-1909)
S- San Fransisco, California  (1854-To date)
W- West Point, New York  (1984--To date)
P- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1793-To date) coins struck at the
this mint before 1979 (except five cent pieces) have no mint mark
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I tried to do some research and find the total number of wheat pennies ever struck by every mint
between 1909 and 1958. I did this Because I wanted to come up with the odds for those people who are
buying "un-searched" wheat pennies in hopes of striking it big with a 1909-S V.D.B. Needless to say my
attempts failed to find the total I was looking for. It seems no one has been crazy to add up this
ridiculous number. So the only way it was going to get done was to do it myself. So here it goes.
If I did my math right, Give or take a few million, there were a total of.........
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Antique Secrets
Discover The Secrets Of Expert Antique Hunters That Few People Ever Get To Know About. How To
Hunt Down Bargain Antiques For Pleasure And For Profit. This 90 Page Ebook Comes With
A Free Coin Collecting Ebook Bonus & A Free Mini-course. You could have knowledge on how to find
priceless antiques. It truly is possible, but you just need to know how.
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Junk silver is an informal term used  for any silver coin that is in fair condition
and has collectible or numismatic value above the bullion value of the silver it
contains. These coins are popular with people seeking to invest in silver,
usually in small amounts. The term "junk" refers only to the value of the coins
as collectibles and not to the actual condition of the coins; junk silver is not
necessarily scrap silver..........
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With the exception of a brief period in 1838 and 1839, all coins minted at U.S. branch mints prior to 1909 displayed that
branch's mintmark on their reverse.......
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A coin is generally made more or less valuable by its condition,
specific historical significance, rarity, quality/beauty of the design and general popularity with
collectors. If a coin is greatly lacking in all of these, it is unlikely to be worth much. Bullion coins are
also valued based on these factors, but are largely valued based on the value of the gold or silver in
them. Sometimes non-monetized bullion coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf and the American
Gold Eagle are minted with nominal face values less than the value of the metal in them, but as such
coins are never intended for circulation, these value
numbers are not market but fiat values..........
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A Large cent copper coin from the earliest days of the U.S. Mint in
1793 has sold for a
record $1.38 million at a Florida auction. ....more.
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