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November 13, 2011
Type_of_coin = silver us quarter
Year_of_coin = 1964
Mint = D
Condition = Near perfect
comments = just very little few light scratches cant hardly notice them its just
a regular plain silver quarter D mint mark.
Thank you for visiting my site.
It looks as if you have a standard silver quarter worth it's weight in silver (.900 silver  and .100 copper)
You may be able to get about $5.00 for it. Here is a link to
your coin on ebay.  
It is priced at
$5.00  Check if it sells. I don't have a photo of your's but it sounds like it is in better shape.
(Stock Photo)
Type of coin = Quarter
Year of coin = 1934
There are three types of this quarter,   Light motto Medium motto and Heavy motto.
My book only list the values for light and heavy.
Since I do not have the condition of your quarter I will give a high and low value.
Light motto-     In  F-12 condition is worth $7  and in AU-50 it is worth $24
Heavy motto-   In  F-12 condition is worth $7  and in AU-50 it is worth $15


December 29, 2011
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