Numismatics- is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. While numismatists
are often characterized as students or collectors of coins, the discipline also includes the broader study of money and other payment
media used to resolve debts and the exchange of goods. Lacking a structured monetary system, people in the past lived in a barter
society and used locally found items of inherent or implied value. A few people today still use bartering in absence of a monetary
system. Early money used by people is referred to as "Odd and Curious", but the use of other goods in barter exchange is excluded,
even where used as a circulating currency (e.g., cigarettes in prison). The Kyrgyz people used horses as the principal currency unit
and gave small change in lambskins The lambskins may be suitable for numismatic study, but the horse is not. Many objects have
been used for centuries, such as cowry shells, precious metals and gems.
What are Numismatics?
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Coin Grading Chart Using Numismatics
Gem proof
Surfaces are brilliant with no noticeable blemishes or flaws. A few scattered, barley
noticeable hairline flaws.
Choice Proof
Surfaces are reflective, with only  a few blemishes in non focal places. No major flaws
Surfaces may have several contact marks, hairlines, or light rubs. Luster may be dull.
Perfect Uncirculated
Perfect, new condition showing no trace of wear. The fines possible quality with no evedince
of scratches, handling or contact with anything.
Gem Uncirculated
An above average uncirculated coin that may be brilliant or lightly toned that has very few
contact marks on the surface or rin
Choice Uncirculated  
A coin with some distracting blemishes or marks in prime focal areas. Luster may be
A coin that has no trace wear, but may show number of contact marks, and surface may
spotted or lacking luster.
Choice About Uncirculated
Evidence of friction on high points of design. Most of the mint luster remains.
About Uncirculated
Traces of light wear on the high points. At least half of mint luster remains.
Choice Extremely Fine
Light overall wear on the high points. All design details are very sharp. Some of the mint
luster is still evident.
Extremely Fine
Light wear on the design throughout, but all features are sharp and well defined. Traces of
luster may still show.
Choice Very Fine
Light, even wear on the surface and all the high points. All lettering and details are sharp.
Very Fine
Moderate wear on the high points of the design. All major details are clear.
Moderatte to considerable wear. The design is bold with an overall pleasing appearence.
Very Good
Well worn with major features clear and bold. Although rather flat.
Heavily worn but with the design visible but faint in areas. Many details are flat..
About Good
Very heavily worn with portions of the lettering, date and legend worn smooth. The date may
be barley readable.
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